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Amélie Brûlé was born in Seoul in 1987 and was adopted by French parents. After studying languages and law, she decided to devote herself professionally to her passion, painting. From an early age, she took painting and sculpture lessons with Kristoff Antier.

Under the name of “Lily”, she participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions in the Midi-Pyrénées, the Paris region and Spain. In 2016 she exhibited in London, New York and Seoul.

Her watercolors have both the lightness of the inks where the full and the empty intertwine in an aerial dance and the precision and consistency in the details. Her works reflect the alliance between her Korean roots and her French culture.

“I paint without thinking, just like driving a car. I have no inspiration, I just breathe out. I follow my brush like a puppet and I can’t go against it.” − Lily

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